Big Bad Wolf

Definitely NSFW
YouTube - Big Bad Wolf by Duck Sauce

HIV Vaccine Development

Gizmodo - HIV Vaccine, 90% Success
Spanish researchers have completed the first human trial of a new vaccine against HIV. It has been successful in 90% of the HIV-free volunteers during phase I testing. This vaccine brings great hope to eradicate this plague forever.

(Gizmodo went with "killing it", not totally accurate but good enough)

Reverse Trick-Or-Treat

Eddie Vedder

YouTube - Javier Diaz As Eddie Vedder


Wearing Masks

An excellent video series about anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists, who have enormous risk for experiencing chemical dependency. Below is the first video in the series, which should be watched by anyone in the field including their close relatives.
AANA - Wearing Masks

Pi & Pie

Beautiful Machine

Gears of War and Half Life 2 meets music video.
YouTube - Beautiful Machine by Paul Oakenfold


Rugby Rules

YouTube - Rugby Rules

Programmer Timeline

Should Have Been Taught

Oatmeal - What We Should Have Been Taught

Facebook & You

September 2011 Wins

YouTube - September 2011 Wins

Draw Me

This picture always seems to crack me up.

“Draw me like one of your french girls”

International Breakdance

YouTube - IBE 2011

Looks Official